Ever thought that art and energy are worlds apart?

This page was born out of basically nothing. Being creative souls and not wanting to buy conventional products we start to look around and discovered a new world of supplies. Visits to scrap yards, back yards of family and friends, old and redundant goods, non endemic trees, led us to start creating all sorts of recycled and renewed products.

In our showroom you will find titivated lampshades, renovated chairs, restored benches, recycled glass art and a whole lot of redundant pieces created and sculptured into new life.

On our farm – no grid electricity available because of the expense to get it connected- solar panels were installed to power the lights to the main house, cottages, stores and stables. Years back a ram pump was installed to pump water for use in the buildings and irrigation of the garden. Recently a new water pump was installed to supply water to the stable, water features and the groom’s room.

The cost of gas led us to recycle the horse manure into biogas for sustainable use to power the freezer. A redundant box type freezer was converted into a solar driven fridge. By utilizing abandoned bricks, we’ve build an old fashioned cooler room and installed a solar driven fan.

NOTE; Sorry if the page is not up to speed, we are generally out playing with our creations and neglecting the academic.

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