Bio gas

Commercially supplied gas was used for the gas freezer. Gas skyrocketed in the past few months and it was time to think outside of the box. Horses were introduced to the farm and the manure was getting more and more. Why not use the manure to produce bio gas? To test the new adventure a steel drum and plastic container were put to use. Both drums were cut open on the tops. Horse manure and a few buckets of water were mixed in the steel drum and the plastic container (piston) was put onto the manure. A plastic pipe and small tap were moulded onto the plastic container and in two weeks…whala…a lovely blue flame.

It was time to get serious. Two plastic containers connected with plastic pipes and control taps were filled with manure and water. A brick and cement well was build and another plastic container was cut open to act as a piston. A plastic pipe with taps and gas burners connected to it, now serves as a gas supplier for the freezer. Flash control and gas cleaning parts were added for efficiency and safety.
We now have two designs, the ''yuppie'' non stink type for the house, with a 3 month plus turn around cycle, which produces enough gas to run a absorbtion freezer 24/7 or cook from (modified two ring gas cooker) for about 4 hours and the "wash" piston version below the stables, which produces 'a lot o gas', but requires much management.

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