Welcome to JT aRt27, Dwarskersbos, Western Cape, South Africa. Here you will find creations and sculptures made out of sustainable and recycled materials. Renovated redundant goods got new life with creative thinking and a bit of tlc. Enjoy the Showroom!

Artwork in showroom

Shaft Chair - Half shaft foot with beautiful "Apies doring" seat - ZAR 1350-00

Dino Lite - Railway bolts and nuts, redundant steel, chain - (Sold)

Melted Cross - 1 Meter long melted glass mosaic - (Sold)

The Chair - Tracktor seat, shaft - (Sold)

New Life - Call it a goat, bull, matter - New Life - ZAR 1400-00

Drum chair - Made from old steel diesel drum. Redundant hose used to cover sharp edges - (Sold)

Farm chime - Rusted barb wire, matress springs, speaker and disk - (Sold)

Pizza Mosaic - Pieces of old glass and tiles - (Sold)

Lorry Floral - Old doors attached with redundant bed wire and flowers cut out of steel drum - (Sold)

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